Natasha Josefowitz
Natasha Josefowitz, PhD

Natasha Josefowitz, PhD

1926 (Paris, France)

Birthday: October 31

Although Dr. Natasha Josefowitz is a professor of business, an internationally known speaker, a noted columnist, the author of books on management as well as humorous verse, her real love is writing poetry for children.

Natasha started writing poetry for children after many years of tucking her children and seven grandchildren into bed and telling them about the story of their day. These stories became poems. Most of her poems are in her grandchildren's voices.

Natasha describes herself as "white-haired, wrinkled, with a few extra pounds," and jokes about the "dangerous" life she leads in a poem from one of her recent books: "I drank milk the day after its expiration, I did not brush my teeth before going to bed, I took off the tag on my pillow that says 'Do not remove.' I live dangerously."

Natasha often takes some time off from her busy schedule so she can read her poetry in schools. She loves to hear the giggles of recognition from her small listeners.