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Download: Level 2 Reading & Writing Journal

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download entire journal: Level II Journal [4.4mb]
  Silly Sentences 1 [266k]   Long A [374k]   Two Vowels [403k]
  Silly Sentences 2 [379k]   Long E [306k]   Control AR [307k]
  Extra Writing [386k]   Long I [400k]   Control OR [237k]
      Long O [394k]   Control R [443k]
  Blank Writing Lines [80K]   Long U [383k]   Y as a Vowel [419k ]

This writing journal is intended to meet the needs of students at many different reading and writing levels. When used in conjunction with our website, most emergent readers should be able to read the page titles. We suggest that you read the instructions aloud and encourage the children to write whatever they want.

Exciting picture dictionaries with supportive vocabulary instill confidence in budding writers. These dictionaries are particularly helpful for students learning English as a second language (ELL, ESL, EFL, ESOL).

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  2. After installing, close any open programs and restart your computer.
  3. Be sure your printer is working correctly by test printing a different document.

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