Math Songs

Starfall’s math songs guide children at the early stages of their counting journey. They will sing along with characters such as Mox the Fox, Backpack Bear, and other delightful animals, birds, and fish.

Numbers and Counting

Starfall’s math songs focus on small sets of numbers, from zero to ten, easing learners into each engaging activity. The use of music videos draws children in and makes each number fun and exciting to learn. Individual videos feature children's music accompanied by cheerful hand-drawn animations.

Math Songs by Starfall

Additional Songs and Videos

The skills taught in Starfall Math Games include time and calendar concepts, counting forwards and backwards, number recognition, ordinal numbers, money concepts, addition (or combining), and subtraction (or removing). The use of music and rhyme helps children memorize the numbers and their sequence. There are also songs using positional and directional words to increase the use of math vocabulary which is an essential component of learning mathematics.

On Starfall, you will find additional math games, counting games, and geometry & measurement games to help further children’s growth in math education. Starfall.com is a kid-safe site and is designed so that children can learn on their own and at their own pace. It’s easy and fun for kids with its intuitive design and wide breadth of content.

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