Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters are fantastically fun phrases that are famously hard to articulate. While always entertaining, Tongue Twisters are equally educational as they provide essential, productive practice for problems of pronunciation. Due to the use of strange sound sequences and peculiar patterns of speech, teachers, parents, and students alike enjoy these wacky word knots.

Starfall's silly set of Tongue Twisters presents an opportunity to showcase and challenge the use of the English language. Children will brim with delight while attempting the verbal gymnastics required to successfully sound out these thrilling word games.

Variety of Tongue Twisters from Starfall

Enchanting illustrations invite kids to read along with all-time popular pleasers like Fuzzy Wuzzy, Peter Piper, Seashells, and Woodchuck (who might chuck an indeterminate amount of wood). An optional audio setting in the Tongue Twisters activity slowly sounds out the syllables and sentences to assist students in studying these perplexingly puzzling rhymes.

Children cheering for a challenge love Starfall's Tongue Twisters online activity, available free to all Starfall users. Try reading them fast without laughing and get tongue-tied with Starfall’s Tongue Twisters today!

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