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Starfall Phonics Puzzle Activities

Use these activities with Starfall's High-Quality Phonics Puzzles.

Welcome to Starfall's Short Vowel Puzzle Activity page! The Exercises and printable activities listed right will help you make the most of the Starfall's High-Quality Phonics Puzzles available at the Starfall Store.

Each of these heavy duty, 24-piece jigsaw puzzles (10"x13") focuses on a short-vowel sound. "Tags" label pictured items that use the focused sound.

Short A Short E Short I   Short O Short U
Each activity sheet lists the nouns from that puzzle and four headings (animal, person, place and thing). Look carefully at the puzzle, then write each short vowel noun under the correct category.
Silly Stories
Short A Short E Short I   Short O Short U
Each activity has a series of sentences with blanks. Fill in the blanks with the words from the Word Bank. There are NO Wrong answers. When you’re finished read your silly sentences to your friends!
Word Search
Short A Short E Short I   Short O Short U
Hidden words are oriented horizontally (left to right) and vertically (top to bottom).
Label the Puzzle
Short A Short E Short I Short O Short U
Black and white line version of each puzzle. Write the correct word to label each picture, then color the picture. Labels are larger and fewer than those on the actual puzzles

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