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Printouts from Online Books and Activities

It's easy to integrate technology in your elementary school or homeschool classroom with our free downloadable printouts!

These printouts can also be found at the end of the electronic interactive books on this website. Printouts generated from within the online activities are customized, and will vary from those available here.

Seasonal Book Printouts
Pick a Pumpkin 100th Day!
Silly Turkey 100th Day, Dot to Dot
Snowman 100th Day, Number
Make a Valentine Every Day is Earth Day
Word Hunt Magic Seeds
Find a Four Leaf Clover Gingerbread, Color
Grandparents Day Gingerbread, Label
Groundhog Day (Feb. Calendar)
These activities appear at the end of the Seasonal Activites found on our main index.
"Learn to Read" Printouts
Make a Word   Make Words Picture Hunt
with -an with -at with -a-e Long-A
with -en with -et with -ee- Long-O
with -ig with -ip with -i-e R-Controlled
with -og with -ot with -o-e Y as Long E
with -ub with -ug with -u-e  
with -ink   with Vowel Teams  
These activities appear at the end of the Make A Word and Picture Hunt online educational games linked from rows 1-15 on the Learn to Read (Zac the Rat and other Tales).
"It's Fun to Read" Printouts
All about me Art Gallery Poetry
This is Me Vincent van Gogh If I Could Touch the Sky
My Pet Georges Seurat I'm Afraid of the Dark
My Bed Paul Gauguin My Pretend Friend
My Toy Marc Chagall My Hiding Place
Magic Ernie Barnes My Shadow
Label the Magician Dorothy Strait Who Has Seen the Wind?
These activities appear at the end of the All About Me, Magic and Art Gallery books linked from the It's Fun to Read index.
"I'm Reading" Printouts
Little Plays Folk Tales
Dog and Cat: Little Red Hen
script   Puppets  Word Shapes: 1, 2 or 3 The Turnip
Guess, Guess: Chicken Little
script   Guess Who  Word Shapes: 1, 2 or 3 Mr. Bunny's Carrot Soup
Cookies: The Four Friends
script  Cookies Math  Word Shapes: 1, 2or 3 The Little Rooster
Fiction/Non Comics
Mother's Day The Dog and his Bone
Not too Little to Help Skater Dog
The No-Tail Cat Two Friends
Penguin, Penguin Lemonade Girl
These activities appear at the end of the Little Plays, Fiction/Nonfiction, Folk Tales, and Comics books linked from the I'm Reading index.
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