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Level I Cut-Up/Take-Home Books
  These downloads are in black and white only.
  Zac the Rat [344k] Jake's Tale [293k] Soap Boat [393k]  
  Peg the Hen [292k] Pete's Sheep [403k] Car Race [463k]  
  The Big Hit [351k] Sky Ride [326k] My Horse Glory [366k]  
  Mox's Shop [335k] Robot & Mr. Mole [279k] Surfer Girl [323k]  
  Gus the Duck [332k] Dune Buggy [403k] My Family [393k]  

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The phonics sequence of these books follows the explicit systematic approach of our website. These stories are equally enjoyed by accelerated and high-risk readers.

Written with a high percentage of decodable words to avoid frustration, all of the words, including decodable and high-frequency sight words, are taught explicitly on our interactive website Learn to Read: Zac the Rat and other tales.

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