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Starfall Kindergarten meets and often exceeds the Reading and Language Arts Standards define by the Common Core State Standards Initiative
Sample Lesson Plans
Beth Polanis using More.Starfall Word Machine to teach phonics
Our reading coordinator noticed my class was really able to decipher rhymes and beginning and ending sounds. I related that this was a daily phonemic awareness warm up activity we do as part of the Starfall Curriculum, and was different from what I had done in the past. What a difference it has made!
Beth Polanis,   Cuddebackville, New York

Research-based and field-tested, Starfall Kindergarten gives confidence and inspiration to teachers and administrators alike. The Starfall team consulted with national reading experts and reviewed extensive research, including the findings of the National Reading Panel Report, to find the best practices in reading instruction.

We also conducted our own pilot program over a four-year period, during which more than 150 kindergarten teachers in 50 schools across the United States used our lesson plans and materials. These teachers provided thorough and practical feedback. We used their experience to improve the curriculum and ensure its efficacy in rural, inner city, and suburban settings; with English language learners, and both successful and struggling readers.

Curriculum Components

My children get so excited about writing. They feel so grown up! Heidi Subaru
Heidi Suburu,   Bakersfield, CA
Written by teachers for teachers, Starfall Kindergarten successfully and joyfully teaches children to read. Our content and instructional design reflect scientifically proven instructional skills and strategies and often exceed the Common Core State Standards for Reading and Language Arts. The curriculum's components follow below:

There's plenty of time alotted for assessment in the Starfall Kindergarten Curriculum The weekly assessments are an invaluable tool in determining the children's progress and providing a measure of which specific skills we should address.
Tonia Holmes-Sutton,   Las Vegas, NV

The Cumulative Review encompasses everything the children need to know in a simple and easy to understand skills checklist. (The Review) is very helpful in identifying Nancy Holtthe areas where students need more practice and is supported by a vast list of suggested activities tailored to meet each child's needs!—Nancy Holt, Tampa, FL

As a veteran teacher of 20 years, I believe Starfall is the perfect option to provide continuity across our kinder program. It provides rookie teachers all of the necessary tools to teach like their veteran peers.
Lori Crawford, Bakersfield, CA


The Starfall curriculum includes entry, mid-year, and post-year assessments. Teachers also administer ongoing assessments every two weeks, to remain attuned to the skills each child has mastered and which skills to revisit. Starfall Kindergarten allocates time for assessment in the weekly schedule.

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